Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Chagos Island dillema continues...

THe debate on the return of the Chagosian Islanders continues, after a letter (see below) highighted a government turnaround on the policy. The letter signalled that the case scheduled for the European Court of Human Rights would be dropped (where the UK is defending its actions of not returning the Islanders who were forcibly evicted in the 1960's) and a compromise would reached where 'steps would be taken to ensure their return' and a 'just settlement'.  However, soon after issue, the the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills, claims that that the letter  was issued by Dr Cable's constituency office in error, and a new letter will be sent out.

The UK Coalition Government (particularly the LibDens) have previously supported the right of the Chagosians to return, however this also appears to have been ditched. In addition, on the 1 of April decision concerning the establishment of the marine protected area also remains quiet.

The only thing that seems clear at this point is that an internal debate exists within the Government over the decision of whether to proceed with the EU case and the response to the plight of the Chagosians. This may indicate a potential split in the Coalitions ranks over the issue. On the MPA issue - a declaration that this blog did not support on social and sustainability grounds and that clashes with UK marine policy principles - things continue to remain quiet.

We will watch with interest.

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