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Sustainable Seas added to the Top 50 blogs on ocean acidificaiton awareness.

Sustainable Seas has been added to the 50 Best Blogs Leading Ocean Acidification Awareness (at number 15!) A link to the original site with links to many great blogs is here.

As the ph levels in the ocean drop, ocean acidification takes place. This has happened rapidly in the past three decades and is linked to fossil fuels and cement production. This carbon cycle is comprised of both organic and inorganic carbon, with the latter being the primary culprit. Dissolved carbon dioxide has been found in ocean samples. These blogs are helping raise ocean acidification awareness, which requires rapid change now in order to save our oceans.

Ocean Acidification Awareness Blogs

Learn about ocean acidification from these blogs. Some are by scientists, while others are by concerned citizens looking to improve the state of our planet for future generations.

1. Oceana Blog : This organization aims to protects the oceans of the world and has an extensive blog explaining ocean acidification and preventative measures.

2. Ocean Acidification : This blog has one goal – to educate on ocean acidification and provide facts in a concise manner, making it a must-read for those learning about the subject.

3. Real Climate : This site is about climate change and penned by climate scientists. We love it because it leaves politics alone and focuses on the issues
4. AccuWeather – Climate Change : This climate blog explores several topics, including ocean acidification.

5. Pew Trusts : This non-profit organization examines public policy to improve environmental laws and to make sure they’re enforced.

6. Sea Nursery : This fascinating blog will keep you busy for hours as it explains the importance of taking care of our oceans and how sea life is managing major changes.

7. Deep Sea News : Devoted to the ocean and what we can do to save it. We love it because it’s written in dialogue we understand, making it far more interesting and effective.

8. Oceanic Defense : The name says it all. This blog teaches us that with each decision we make, we’re”either helping or hurting our oceans” and gives us approachable pointers for leading a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

9. EPOCA Arctic 2010 : This blog tracks the 2010 experiment EPOCA is conducting in the Arctic.

10. NRDC : The Natural Resources of Defense Council has this blog which covers all natural resources, but has an extensive set of articles discussing ocean acidification.

11. Ocean Carbon & Biogeochemistry : This site promotes research and study of the ever-changing ocean and shows what the priorities should be for attempting to tame this beast of high CO2 absorption.

12. The Daily Ocean : While many blogs on this list are written by scientists, this one’s penned by a teacher looking to do some good in the world and protect our oceans.

13. Rise Above Plastics : Fossil fuels are where the problem for ocean acidification starts. This blog shows you easy ways to lower your fossil fuel usage by cutting down on gas and plastic consumption for the long run.

14. Eco-Compass Island Press : It’s all ocean talk at this site, which examines the drastic change the ocean is facing due to CO2.

15. Sustainable Seas : While other ocean awareness blogs steer away from politics, this blog is ready to take policies head-on and discusses the effects of ocean acidification from a frank perspective.

16. Fake Plastic Fish : Reduce your plastic consumption and help the ocean. It’ a simple fact that’s further explained at this insightful blog.

17. Who — Ocean Acidification : This serves as an ocean acidification news feed with articles posted from various credible sites around the web.

18. Stanford – Ocean Acidification Virtual Lab This interactive site shows how ocean acidification is taking place and where the ocean ranks on the acidity scale in comparison to battery acid and drain cleaner.

19. EurOceans Films : Check out the 30+ films on ocean and climate change at this informative site.

20. EPOCA Project : This blog is ran by the European Project On Ocean Acidification. The site is available in several different languages and serves as one of the best resources on the web for the topic.

21. Abandon Fear : This blog raises awareness how sharks are quickly adapting and changing their lifestyle due to ocean change.

22. Shark Angels Blog : Ocean acidification is changing the eco system, killing sharks in the process. Check out the archives of this blog to learn more about saving these great creatures.

23. Climate Shifts : It’s all environmental talk at this site, which explores climate change and the state of the ocean.

24. The Reef Tank : This blog aims to save reefs and has several posts over ocean acidification awareness.

25. The Petition Site : Oceana heads up this petition that citizens can sign to enforce lower CO2 emissions in an attempt to slow ocean acidification.

Ocean Acidification Awareness Articles and Videos

Learn more about ocean acidification with these articles from various science publications that are looking to raise awareness on the subject.

26. Mongabay : Read about how stopping ocean acidification could save billions. Includes interesting diagrams that will help you grasp the process of ocean acidification.

27. Science Progress : Take a look at this article, which links to a report by the Royal Society of London on how long it will take to change the ph levels back after the damage we’ve done.

28. Algae Energy : This blog’s all about algae, but you’ll appreciate this article that examines how ocean acidification is changing eco systems for the worst.

29. Science – Ocean Acidification : Read about the various plant life under the sea that is under siege due to ocean acidification.

30. The Other CO2 Problem : This animated short film shows how CO2 is effecting our oceans.

31. Ocean Change and Acidification : A video over the various signals the oceans are sending that is contributing to the change in ocean life.

32. Science Daily – Scientists and Ocean Acidification : This article delves into why scientists are up in arms about stopping ocean acidification.

33. Discover Magazine – Ocean Acidification : You’ll read this lengthy article from start to finish and come out with a better understanding of why ocean acidification must be stopped ASAP.

34. Skeptical Science – Ocean Acid : This site aims to debunk science skeptics. This article picks apart a recent article that tried to ride off ocean acidification as a slight annoyance versus a serious issue.

35. PhysOrg – Rate of Ocean Acidification : See the rapid rate that ocean acidification is wrecking our oceans and marine life.

36. Nature – Ocean Acidification : A quick abstract on ocean acidification and links to resources for further reading.

37. Science Daily – Ocean Acidification and its Effects on Organisms : This eye-opening article will show you how ocean acidification is effecting pivotal organisms under the sea.

38. Northwestern University – Climate Change and the Ocean : This video illustrates how global warming and the ocean are linked.

39. Ocean Acidification : This video displays the changes on the ecosystem courtesy of ocean acidification.

40. NRDC Interview with Philippe Cousteau : An interview with the grandson of the great Jacques-Yves Cousteau, the pioneer of ocean study. This interview concerns ocean acidification and took place to promote the NRDC film on the subject .

41. Bioacid : This German site is looking to raise awareness by displaying their five part research plan for readers to learn from. Each step is dubbed a theme and is accompanied by diagrams, making the ideas easy to follow.

42. Oceanography – Acidification : A bevy of articles on ocean acidification and the consequences can be found at this site.

43. Acidification : This interesting article is short and sweet and explains ocean acidification in a way that’s easy to follow.

44. NRDC – Ocean Acidification Film : If you don’t need ocean acidification broken down to a cartoon, this film from the NRDC touches on the seriousness of the subject and what must be done now to aid our oceans.

45. Cold Ocean Acidification : See diagrams and images of organisms in water with normal ph levels versus those with high acidity.

46. Earth Trends : This 2007 article shows the process of ocean acidification with diagrams that are easy to understand, even if you’re a newcomer to the topic.

47. Ocean Acidification and its Consequences : This informative report is a PDF file available in English and French.

48. Encyclopedia of Earth – Ocean Acidification : A simple, yet thorough article on ocean acidification, plus links to further resources on the subject.

49. Science – Ocean Acidification Box1 : This fascinating article shows the iron theory that could return the ocean’s ph to pre-industrial age levels.

50. Digital Journal : Scientists are adamant about many environmental issues, but this article explains why the science community is going after ocean acidification in a major way.

The Internet has served as an amazing platform for raising ocean acidification awareness. Scientists and environmentalists are able to reach out to the public and work towards a better future for the planet.

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