Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Marine consultations in the UK

Info release from Defra

Please be advised the public consultations and supporting documents on the Marine Policy Statement, the Marine Planning System and Marine Licensing are now live and can be accessed on the following links:

The Marine Policy Statement (UK) will be the first part of new systems of marine planning being introduced around the UK. It will provide the high level policy context within which Marine Plans will be developed, and set the direction for marine licensing and other relevant authorisation systems.

The Marine Policy Statement will be the overarching policy framework for the UK marine area.


The Marine Planning System consultation sets out the marine planning system in England for the new Marine Management Organisation (MMO) and other interested organisations and persons. It aims to provide a context for the Marine Policy Statement consultation by outlining the planning system in England as a whole.

This document is far reaching and, as such, Defra invites the views of all coastal, marine and terrestrial stakeholders who will be affected by this new system. This includes, amongst others, those in the fields of industry, research, nature and heritage conservation, town-planning, regeneration, recreation and tourism.


A new Marine Licensing System introduced by the Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009 will be launched in Spring 2011. The consultation (England only) sets out policy proposals for the implementation of the new system, covering key aspects including the application process, appeals against licensing decisions, and exemptions.


The summary of responses to the Marine Plan area consultation can be accessed on the following link:

The consultation sought views on the proposed marine plan area boundaries for English inshore and offshore regions and the criteria for selecting the order in which the Marine Management Organisation should begin planning within those regions. A summary of responses to the Marine Plan area consultation can be found on the following link:


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