Thursday, May 1, 2014

In the future there is no plastic...

 'Journeys; voyages; dreams. To reach out beyond what we are, what we know. To dare, to fail. To stand among the wreckage, and imagine anew.'
Jon Bonfiglio, Director, The Clipperton Project

In less than a week I will be on board a traditional canoe, paddling down the Usumacinta river in the Chiapas region of Mexico, as part of an interdisciplinary team which includes artists, biologists, educators, writers, documentary film-makers, a medical doctor and a social ecologist (me).  Behind the voyage is an inspiring organisation called The Clipperton Project (TCP), 'an international, independent not-for-profit organisation which promotes notions of exploration around the world, especially in terms of its empowering potential for all people, wherever they find themselves, whatever their age or background.' With a strong (but not exclusive) marine focus, and addressing a range of issues from sustainability to plastic in the marine ecosystem, TCP's art-science expeditions enable people to work across personal, cultural and professional boundaries. Expeditionaries share their experiences with broader audiences in workshops and events which inspire and empower the public to explore their own surroundings, their own abilities and possibilities, and to regain a sense of wonder for this world. Live updates of the Usumacinta adventure can be found on @ClippertonTweet. Expedition highlights will also be posted on this blog in June.

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