Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A survey on sustainable seafood from a SAMS student

Hello there, I am Lauren Ault, a student at the University at the Highlands and Islands. For my final year project I am doing a survey on people’s views on sustainable seafood, specifically regarding ecolabels (labels that are on some seafood products to tell you they are environmentally friendly). It is a continuum on a survey that Dr. Tavis Potts completed on people of the UK. Questions in this survey generally involve gaining your knowledge on sustainable seafood; and how important and how familiar you are with ecolabels present in retailers. A key topic of the survey includes gaining your views about a proposed mandatory labelling system that would be consistent and present on all seafood products; and how you may respond to such a label. The theme is very interesting, topical and regarding very relevant issues. Results will be shown to retailers and government so your opinions will be heard. The survey will only take a few moments. If you wish to contact me my email address is: Thank you for your time and Merry Christmas!
Click the link to be taken directly to the survey

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