Monday, October 18, 2010

Severn barrage tidal energy scheme dropped

The BBC reports that controversial £30bn plans for a Severn estuary barrage tidal energy project have been scrapped. 
Supporters had claimed the 10-mile (16km) dam stretching from Somerset to south Wales would produce up to 5% of the UK's energy.
Energy Secretary Chris Huhne said a study had found there was "no strategic case" for the scheme.
Mr Huhne also announced eight potential sites for building new nuclear power stations by 2025.

The Severn is one of the tidal energy hotspots of the world.The Estuary has the second-largest tidal range in the world with 42ft (12.8m) tides.
The feasibility report found it would be difficult to attract private investment and the project represented "high risk". The possibility of the barrage as a longer term option in the future, if market conditions improved, is still a possibility. However, in temrs of generating energy and attracting investment, smaller barges may be feasible to environmentalists and investors by reducing the risks to birdlife and providing less risk intensive investments.

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